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This article is regarding Red Faction

The Control Baton is one of the 15 player weapons in Red Faction.

Control Baton (UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton)


The UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton is a crowd control weapon that can serve as both a truncheon as well as a stun gun. That basically means you can whip this baby out and club someone to death or you can tazer them and find out what a whole lot of volts at high amperes can do to a man. This is the first weapon you obtain in the game, though you won't use it for very long, as there is always an abundant supply of ammunition for at least one of the other weapons. You'll only find pesky Ultor riot troops equipped with these weapons and they can be a pain if you're not ready for them as they run directly at you swinging and don't stop until they're dead.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: Battery Cell
  • Range: Short
  • Primary Fire: Swing baton as club
  • Primary Velocity:
  • Primary Damage: 60 Hp (30 Armour)
  • Alternate Fire: Electric Shock mode
  • Alternate Velocity:
  • Alternate Damage: 80 Hp (40 Armour)

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