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This article is regarding Red Faction

The Flame Thrower is one of the 15 player weapons in Red Faction.

Flame Thrower (UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower)


Winning the creative modification award, the UFT-1 is based on an Ultor brand plant defoliator. It shoots a 4 meter stream of a sticky napalm-like substance that can sustain itself for up to 30 seconds of burning, or you can take out the fuel canister and use it as an incendiary bomb. Be wary of just spraying it like crazy because not only does this thing burn fuel fast, but whatever you light could very well come running at you toasting your buns in the process. You'll find the Flame Thrower rarely being used against you in the single-player game, but if you do have the misfortune of happening across one being pointed at you, you'd be best off distancing yourself from whomever is mean enough to pull the trigger, because this sucker is lethal. Unfortunately, the Flame Thrower in online multi player is the worst weapon you could wield, because of the low damage and the unreliable hit scanning when the connection between players are over 200 ping.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: Fuel Tank
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Primary Fire: Shoots a 4-meter flame
  • Primary Velocity: 10 m/s
  • Primary Damage: 60 Hp (30 Armour)
  • Alternate Fire: Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb
  • Alternate Velocity:
  • Alternate Damage: 150 Hp (75 Armour)

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