Assault Rifle

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    The Assault Rifle is a weapon in Red Faction.


    The UAR-42 Assault Rifle is an Ultor commander's best friend past his pistol. It reaps the benefits of a full-size rifle (high muzzle velocity for high penetration, long barrel for high accuracy), but in a compact bullpup style design. Primary fire is a three-shot burst; the most one can fire at once without losing a lot of accuracy, but it should be known that even just one single hit from a 5.56mm armor-penetrating round will cause deep hurting on both armored and unarmored targets. The assault rifle is used most by baddies toward the beginning and middle portions of the game, but you'll find that it's a very effective weapon all the way to the end and may even end up being utilized almost exclusively in favor of other weapons, until you run out of ammo at least.