Rocket Launcher

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  • The URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher is a weapon in Red Faction.


    Big Earl, as the URL-6T is known, is a fearsome weapon, especially if you need a door. It fires 15cm long rockets, six to a clip, in either homing mode (which requires a 2.75s lock-on time) or in dumb-fire mode, which has a 2s cycle time. Both modes utilize the built-in, always-on IR sensor which grants those lucky enough to control Big Earl the ability to see life forms through walls and such. It's not recommended for use as a close-quarters weapon; blast shockwaves are indiscriminate in whom they may hit. You'll find this weapon is not used very often by opposition that you may encounter throughout the game and is rarely something to fear when you're on the wrong end of the stick (side that goes boom) of the badboy.