12mm Pistol

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  • The Pistol is a weapon in Red Faction.


    The USP-16 pistol is a semi-automatic weapon, and probably the first most Ultor miners will ever see. It's a standard issued sidearm for Ultor's guards and officers. The USP-16 fires 16 massive 12mm (.48 caliber) bullets making for a significant anti-personnel impact with its rate of fire only being limited by how fast you can pull the trigger. Against armor it's much less effective, yet still an excellent and accurate fallback weapon. It's also the only projectile weapon that can be fired underwater, which makes it an essential component of any rebel's arsenal. During the game you'll find guards in the earlier levels wielding these exclusively, while in the later to mid levels you'll find baddies whom were equipped with rocket launchers and such falling back on these as you get all up in their face.

    Silenced 12mm Pistol

    The Silenced 12mm is a 12mm with the Alternate Fire Silencer attach. For newcomers, it "first" appears on the admin level. While weaker, it can be used to dispatch enemies quietly from behind, but aim for the head.