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  • Banner InfoIcon.png This article is about the group. For the game, see Red Faction.

    The Red Faction refers to several otherwise distinct groups across the series that have all claimed the name. The various iterations of the group are always portrayed as aligned with the player character and protagonists in each title in the series.

    Red Faction (1)

    The Red Faction was first formed in 2075, after its founder and leader, Eos, and a few other miner groups began to make preparations for the revolt against Ultor.

    The group, known to Ultor guards as a mere Miner Olympics team, secretly gained momentum over the years. Once established, the Red Faction revealed itself as a rebel group. Ultor hired Masako and her mercenaries to put an end to the revolution. Parker, a Red Faction member, fought his way through the mines and called for assistance from the Red Faction’s ally, the Earth Defense Force. After the EDF eliminated all remaining Ultor guards and mercenaries, Mars was under Earth control.

    Red Faction II

    The Red Faction were formed to be a revolutionary military group to resist and eliminate the Commonwealth and its Leader/Dictator - Chancellor Victor Sopot, and being Earth based, were no affiliation to the original revolution.

    Echo is the leader of the Red Faction and has engaged the help of the outcasted Nano-Technology enhanced Super Soldier Squad consisting of Molov, Alias, Tangier, Shrike, Repta and Quill.

    Throughout the duration of the story, the Red Faction squad are seen to be consistently (but rather unsuccessfully) battling Sopots forces in the streets of the Commonwealth, usually with calls to the squad to help and assist when possible.

    At the midway point of the story, after Sopots defeat, Molov and the Squad, with the exception of Alias and Tangier, betray the Red Faction and massacre the entire headquarters, sparing only Echo for a public execution.

    From there the Red Faction are seen in one final street battle fighting what was now Molov's Commonwealth forces.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    The Earth Defense Force eventually determined that the Red Faction had sabotaged mining efforts on Mars, and thus outlawed the group. Despite this, the EDF still remained paranoid of another rebellion, and incarcerated and killed anyone whom they thought had an affiliation with the rebel group. This led to a revival of the Red Faction and the initiation of guerrilla warfare.

    After the destruction of The Hydra in 2125, the Red Faction found itself as the sole governing body of Mars. With Alec Mason as its leader, the Red Faction is now possibly the one organization equal to the EDF, not in technology, but in tactics and skill.

    Red Faction: Armageddon

    The Red Faction state has evolved into a full fledged government and military force, sharing a shaky alliance with the neighboring Marauder state. They were in conflict with Adam Hale's cultists, a splinter faction of fanatical Marauders loyal only to Hale, until their defeat in 2170, in the Battle for The Terraformer during the Cultist War. Ending with the destruction of the Terraformer, disappearance of Adam Hale, and the Martian surface becoming uninhabitable. Forcing the Martian populace underground. The Red Faction would later have to fight the aliens Darius Mason accidentally released during the Plague Armageddon of 2175.

    Known Members

    Character Main Games Mobile Games Movie Comics
    RF1 RF2 RF:G RF:A RF1 Mobile RF1 N-Gage RF2 Mobile RF:G Mobile RF:O AFOM FR
    Eos Yes Yes Yes
    Parker Yes Yes
    Hendrix Yes Yes
    Orion Yes
    Alias Yes
    Shrike Yes
    Tangier Yes
    Alec Mason Yes Yes
    Samanya Yes Yes
    Hugo Davies Yes
    Darius Mason Yes
    Kava Yes
    Sekt Yes Yes
    Cremant Yes Yes