Alec Mason

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"Dan said they'd take everything... For me, they already have."
—Alec Mason
Alec Mason
Rfg alecmason beta.jpg
Alec Mason wielding his Sledgehammer and Remote Charges
Game(s) Red Faction: Guerrilla
Sex Male
Age 20s (exact age unknown)
Alignment Red Faction

Alec Mason is a named major character in Red Faction: Guerrilla. The game's protagonist, Alec Mason immigrated to Mars in 2125, hoping that his brother, Dan Mason, could get him a mining job on the planet. As Dan drove his brother to his trailer, he bitterly described the oppression and brutality practiced by the Earth Defense Force; after liberating Mars in 2075, the EDF perpetrated various injustices.


Dan Mason's warnings about the EDF proved prophetic when an EDF gunship killed him. As a grieving Alec returned to his trailer, he found an EDF patrol waiting for him. The patrol had searched and ransacked the trailer and found explosives -- a legitimate tool of Alec's trade. Branding him a terrorist and a member of the revived Red Faction, an EDF officer ordered the squad to execute him. The execution was interrupted by a Red Faction squad, who gunned down most of the squad -- Mason used his sledgehammer to finish off the last officer.

The new Red Faction's leader, Hugo Davies, approached Alec Mason and, without bothering to introduce himself, grimly informed Mason that, like it or not, he just joined the rebellion.


  • Alec Mason is voiced by Troy Baker.
  • Alec once served eighteen months in prison for fighting at a rally.
  • There seems to be a certain amount of irony attached to the name of this character, since a mason is a profession that involves construction with bricks and concrete, in contrast to Alec Mason's role of destruction in the game.


  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 175lb
  • Date of Birth: 07/10/2086 (July 10, 2086)

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