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Red Faction: Guerrilla
Sex Female
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Allegiance Red Faction, Marauders
Role Engineer
Location Mars

Samanya was a Martian revolutionary hero and Red Faction guerrilla who assisted in the ousting of the Earth Defense Force during the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla.



Samanya, during her time with the Marauders.

Samanya, a Martian-born descendant of the Ultor Corporation, grew up as a Marauder with her sister, Vasha. Vasha eventually became leader of the Marauders. However, she also lost her sanity, much to Samanya's dismay. Samanya reluctantly followed her sister's orders.

Shortly before the EDF's defeat, Vasha was captured by the EDF. A public execution was planned. Samanya rescued Vasha, and destroyed an EDF ambush, starting a war between the Marauders and EDF. Shortly after, Vasha ordered Samanya to kill Saul Marius, an EDF commander in Mariner Valley. Samanya complied.

After the EDF lost control of Mariner Valley, the Marauders launched an all-out attack against their primary base. Vasha's plan was to leave nobody alive -- all non-Marauder personnel, including prisoners of the EDF, were to be executed. Samanya asked Vasha if the attack could be delayed, so that she (Samanya) could rescue the prisoners. Vasha granted the request, but felt betrayed. In the middle of the rescue mission, Vasha grew impatient and launched the attack, declaring that Samanya was expendable.

Samanya was able to rescue a man named Dan Mason, who told her that another man, Hugo Davies was also being held prisoner. The two rescued Davies, and all three fled the scene and started new lives. Hugo Davies took up the mantle of the Red Faction to fight against the EDF, and Samanya and Dan joined his cause.

Red Faction

Samanya then served as a high-ranking member of the Red Faction, acting as the group's chief mechanic. She invented all of the Red Faction's weaponry, and provided essential supplies and devices for fellow revolutionary Alec Mason. During the struggle against the EDF, Alec discovered an unidentified Marauder device in an old Ultor mine. With this device, Samanya was able to create the Nano Forge, which served as the basis for the Nano Rifle. When the Hydra arrived on Mars, Samanya established a truce with Vasha, and the Red Faction and Marauders formed a permanent alliance.


  • Samanya is first seen at the start of Red Faction: Guerrilla. As Alec Mason first arrives on Mars, she is shown on an EDF wanted poster.
  • In a cutscene in Red Faction: Guerrilla, Samanya tells Alec Mason that she chose her name. It is Bantu for "the unknown one".