Dan Mason

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  • Dan Mason was the brother of Alec Mason, a Martian revolutionary hero during the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Dan was one of the key figures involved in the revival of the Red Faction. He was killed the day Alec arrived on Mars.


    Dan has lived on Mars for only a year, but in that short time he's become enamored with its vast, open expanse. Fed up with the EDF and the corporations who support it, Dan has joined the Red Faction to fight for a Free Mars. He is the organization's demolitions expert, training new recruits to use their tools of the trade effectively and lethally. „
    — PC Game Manual


    DanMason Portrait.png
    Scanned from physical media
    DanMason IntelligenceReport.jpg
    Intelligence report


    • In the game's first mission, if you kill Dan, the game will display a mission failure message with the text "WTF! you killed your own brother?!"