Red Faction: Guerrilla (Mobile) Protagonist

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"The Unnamed Protagonist" is a member of the Red Faction, and the player character in Red Faction: Guerrilla (Mobile). They carry out various assignments to hit EDF targets, and eventually become an ally of the Marauders upon rescuing a group of them from EDF captivity. They eventually take out an EDF General in Prima as their last assignment.

Based on promotional material for Red Faction: Guerrilla (Mobile), it is extremely likely that "The Unnamed Protagonist" is Alec Mason, though this has not been conclusively confirmed.


  • The sprite sheet for the player character is named "Parker.png" in the files of RF:G Mobile. Whether or not this means the protagonist is Parker from Red Faction, a relative, an easter egg, or simply a placeholder name is unknown.
  • Although the player can enter a name for themselves which is displayed on the "Hall of Fame" this name does not apply to the protagonist and is used for score identification purposes.