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  • The Ultor Corporation is a mining company that operated on Mars prior to and during the events of Red Faction.


    During the mid to late 21st century, the Ultor Corporation established mining operations on Mars. Ostensibly, Noachite was the primary mineral the corporation worked to extract in the Martian mines, however materials made available by developer Volition heavily imply that other minerals may have been sought as well.

    Throughout its mining operations, Ultor frequently chartered spacecraft to ferry staff to (and presumably in some cases, from) Mars. At least a subset of these staff were recruited through carefully crafted recruitment offices.

    Ultor's Mars operations were managed by administrative staff, stationed in Corporate HQ. A short time prior to the events of Red Faction, Dr. Axel Capek joined Ultor and subsequently relocated to Mars, where he continued with research and experimentation that he felt had been stifled by regulatory oversight on Earth. Later, an unnamed Ultor administrator vanished under what is ominously described as "mysterious circumstances", and was replaced by then-deputy administrator Davis. Following this, Richard Gryphon was recruited and transferred to Mars to assume the now-vacant position of deputy administrator.

    Additionally, prior to the events of Red Faction, lead protagonist Parker entered an Ultor recruitment office in Chicago, IL, USA and subsequently boarded a spacecraft destined for Mars.

    Core Membership

    Below is a listing of major named characters that are aligned with Team Ultor.

    Outside the Red Faction Series

    Saints Row

    In Saints Row - another title from Red Faction developer Volition - a company named Ultor, and which shares a logo with the Ultor corporation established in Red Faction, is an established Earth-based company that was founded in 2003 focused on the fashion industry, but over the course of several years, expands into several other markets. In the Saints Row universe, Ultor was considering expanding into the mining sector as early as 2008.

    While fans of each series often assume the company named Ultor in Saints Row and the company named Ultor in Red Faction are the same, and therefore each series takes place within the same universe, this possibility has been routinely downplayed by Volition.

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    Ultor appears as a sponsor in career mode in UFC 2009 Undisputed.

    Agents of Mayhem

    Ultor provides funding to support the M.A.Y.H.E.M. organization in Agents of Mayhem.