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  • The FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver is a weapon in Red Faction.


    Colonel Masako first brought the FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver to Mars in 2075, and once you get it, you'll thank her. Essentially, it's a highly revved up sniper weapon. It features an advanced zoom scope that allows for sight through walls as well as an incredible penetration capability due to the mass-driven metal slugs it uses as ammunition that allow for killing through walls. Unfortunately, the weapon only holds one slug at a time, which necessitates a reload after every shot. Not recommended for close-quarters combat, but still an excellent addition to the arsenal. Possibly the most frustrating weapon used against you throughout the game, mercenaries are able to kill you with one shot from this thug and can just as easily deplete a vehicles armor with a few well placed shots. If you see a blue streak go by at lighting speeds and are still somehow alive than you'd be best to find where it came from and silence the threat, before you yourself are put down with prejudice.

    Red Faction II

    The Rail Driver makes fewer appearances in Red Faction II, although at times it is employed by Quill with deadly force. Alias will only get his hands on one at the later stages of the game, and given that the man-shaped heat signatures from the previous game are replaced with pinpoint targets, this can make the game easier or harder for players, depending on how good a shot you are.

    Please see Magnetic Rail Driver for more information.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    In the third game, the human-shaped heat signatures from the first game return, and it is this game when the Rail Driver can be used most effectively. If used in conjunction with the jetpack, Mason can surround, confuse and eliminate enemies before they have the slightest idea of what's happening, if he manages to get to a vantage point. Say, on top of a building.

    Please see Rail Driver for more information.

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