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The Rail Driver is one of the 20 weapons available in Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Rail Driver


The EDF Rail Driver is a specialist-issue firearm in the military's elite infantry divisions, specifically designed for at-range anti-personnel engagement. The Rail Driver is capable of firing a heavy projectile at over 3500 meters per second, and can penetrate several meters of conventional armour or construction material. The Rail Driver features a high-power scope with high-resolution infrared scanner capable of imaging armoured or entrenched heat-signatures.

This weapon is what the EDF uses to fight dirty. With X-Ray sights you can see targets through obstacles, and the power of the gun itself allows you to shoot straight through to those targets. There’s no such thing as “cover” with this.

Recommendation: An enemy is taking cover behind a wall of a structure, but you need to take them out. Pull out your rail driver, engage the enhanced thermal vision, and they’ll never know (or see) what hit them. This is good for destroying Gunships, aim for the pilot; however, the gunship will just crash, and it won't be useable. The rifle works with tanks and other vehicles as well. It is possible to take cover and eliminate an entire building of EDF without any exposure to enemy fire.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: 6[18]
  • Primary Fire: Fire Rail Beam
  • Alternate Fire: Sideways Bash
  • Special Ability: Thermal Scope
  • Pros: Projectile passes through walls, vehicles and lifeforms.
  • Cons: Does not do as much damage as the Sniper Rifle.
  • Faction: Earth Defense Force

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