Precision Rifle

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  • The Precision Rifle is a weapon in Red Faction.


    One of two scoped weapons in Red Faction, the MK/SG-1 Defender Precision Rifle was brought to Mars by Colonel Masako's mercenary force. It fires explosive-tipped 5.56mm rounds to extreme ranges with utter accuracy. The Precision Rifle carries a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and is as equally effective at closer ranges as it is at a distance. Its secondary zoom scope slightly brightens the environment and is an excellent addition to an already superb weapon. So whether you're sniping someone from a far or busting through a door preparing to clear a room, this is probably going to be the choice for you; a jack of all trades kind of weapon. Mercenaries are readily equipped with the Precision Rifle, but it's a far less threatening weapon than the Rail Driver or Heavy Machine Gun. You should have little to no problem lifting this badboy off fallen mercs.