Fusion Rocket Launcher

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This article is regarding Red Faction

The Fusion is one of the 15 player weapons in Red Faction.

Fusion Rocket Launcher (F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher)


The Big Gun. Friend-or-Foe weapon. Could you possibly need any more explanation than that? The F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher fires a massive long-range rocket capable of inflecting incredible havoc regardless of what it hits; however, it does only fire one rocket at a time, with each subsequent rocket you wish to fire requiring a reload into the tube launcher similar to the Rail Driver, only taking much more time. If you need something large blown apart, look no further than here; just be careful somebody doesn't sneak up behind you while you're using this behemoth of a weapon, and for the love of God, don't shoot it at close range to anything.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: Single, tube launched
  • Range: Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires a single large shell and has a long reload time after each shot
  • Primary Velocity: 20 m/s
  • Primary Damage: Direct hit 1500 Hp (750 Armour)
  • Alternate Fire: N/A
  • Alternate Velocity:
  • Alternate Damage:


The F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher bears some resemblance to the Nuke Launcher from the 1997 science-fiction movie Starship Troopers and, again, some resemblance to the BFG 900 (9000 depending on game) off the video game Doom.

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