Live Mines

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Live Mines is the first level/chapter in the Red Faction single player campaign. Live Mines consists of 3 individual maps and begins just after Parker's final shift in the Ultor mines. It is followed by L2: Barracks.

L1S1: Live Mines

Immediately following what would turn out to be Parker's final shift in the mines, he witnesses an Ultor guard kill another miner in front of him. Following this, the other guards attack him and he's drawn into the rebellion.

L1S2: Mine Maintenance

After escaping the first stage of Mine M-4, Parker has to battle through additional Ultor guards and optionally make use of a Driller to reach an Ultor guard checkpoint.

L1S3: Mine Entrance

Parker has to either outrun or defeat an Ultor APC and additional waves of guards to reach the mine entrance elevator that will take him up to the barracks.