Ultor Security Guards

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  • The Ultor Security Guards are a set of characters featured in Red Faction.


    Ultor Deploys security guards in large quantities to keep the Miners in line. Now that the revolution has begun, the security guards form Ultor's first line of defence. To motivate the guards, Ultor pays $100 for each miner killed.

    In the Ultor Mining Complex, Five kinds of security guards can be encountered. They can be told them apart by their uniforms. They are similarly armed and armoured, so can be dealt in similar fashion. Once in possession of the Automatic Shotgun, it should be the primary weapon of choice - it makes mincemeat of the guards. Switch to the Submachine Gun when faced with a large number of guards.

    Envirosuit Guard

    The Envirosuit Guard is the bulk of Ultors security force in the mines of Mars. He's dressed in a blue Envirosuit with a fully visible faceplate.

    The Envirosuit Guard can be seen wielding the Control Baton, 12mm Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Grenades or Rocket Launcher.

    Ultor Guard

    The Ultor Guard is seen in various parts of the complex. Unlike their mines equivalent, they are instead dressed in a more normal security uniform, with increased chest protection.

    The Ultor Guard can be seen wielding the Control Baton, 12mm Pistol, Submachine Gun, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle.

    Ultor Commander

    The Ultor Commander is seen in various parts of the complex. You can tell the commander apart from regular security by his red visor that he wears on his face. His helmet also has a yellow stripe as opposed to a more regular black one.

    The Ultor Commander can be seen wielding the Assault Rifle or the Sniper Rifle.

    Riot Guard

    The Riot Guard is an emergency response guard for Ultor. Instead of the Mines, these guards tend to be near the barracks, wearing significantly more padding but less environmental protection than the Envirosuit Guards. They have a yellow chest plate with the Ultor logo on top as well as Riot masks.

    The Riot Guard can be seen wielding a Control Baton or Shotgun.

    Elite Guard

    The Elite Guards are the strongest of the Ultor Security forces, usually seen in Administrative or Medical and Scientific sections of the complex. They have better chest armour but are way more susceptible to head shots.

    The Elite Guards typically wield the Submachine Gun.


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