Remote Charge

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  • The Remote Charge is a weapon in Red Faction.


    The URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge is every amateur bomber's best-friend. These little bundles of joy will stick to anything once thrown, including the ugly butts and uglier faces of Ultor guards. Once thrown, the detonator pops up and you can let it blow at your discretion. You can only deploy one of these babies at a time, so a well thought out tactical deployment is highly advised in an actual combat situation. And yes, it is a big red button that blows 'em up. Enemies will never use the Remote Charge against you (perhaps the programmers couldn't be bothered).


    For some reason the player is able to duplicate the amount of Remote Mining Charges by simply throwing one down, then picking it up again by using the 'use' button without detonating it. It is modeled after the C-4 Plastic Explosive.