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Rescue is a mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla. It is included in the Demons of the Badlands DLC pack.


The EDF kidnapped Vasha and plan to publicly execute her the next morning. Samanya travels to the base Vasha is held at and rescues her while fending off an EDF ambush.


Samanya November 4th, 2117... We are at war. The EDF, the colonists, and us... For as long as I can rememebr. Here in the Mariner Valley. No one expects war to be pretty... but this... The EDF kidnapped Vasha... and plans to publicly execute her tomorrow morning. Whatever our differences, she's still my sister. I will not abandon her.


Travelling to the EDF Base
Samanya Vasha doesn't have much time. We have to hurry!
First vehicle gate destroyed
Samanya The first gate's down! Let's move!
Reached second vehicle gate
Samanya We have to bring that shield down!
Forcefield disabled and second vehicle gate destroyed
Samanya The path is clear! Move!
Finding Vasha
Samanya She must be in that building. We have to get inside.
Rescued Vasha
Samanya Vasha! Are you all right?
Vasha You played right into their hands...
Samanya What are you talking about?
Vasha I was bait!
Samanya Everyone out!
EDF ambush begins
Samanya I've rescued Vasha, but the EDF will be on their way. We need help!
Samanya Just a little longer! Don't give up!
Last group of EDF remains
Samanya Finally! Finish off the EDF!
EDF ambush eliminated
Samanya That's the last of them...It's over.
Vasha Not yet, Samanya...Not until they've suffered.