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  • Jonathan "Jon" Kepler is part of the Red Faction. He is like another Jenkins except smarter and a little bit less efficient (If you consider the fact that he drives bigger vehicles) and likes the bigger vehicles like Garbage Trucks or Mining Trucks. He also drives alot more efficiently than Jenkins and also trains in demolitions and hacking into security systems. He plays a vital part in some story missions, but apart from that you can usually hear him in the Heavy Metal side missions. Kepler speaks with an Australian accent.

    After the invasion on the Red Faction Base Camp in the Badlands in which the Commander dies, he is never seen again and is presumed dead while Jenkins still lives...somehow. He is mentioned many times after his "death" like Guerillas mention of him by saying, "Oh no, Kepler! He got killed!" and Sam sometimes mentions him when you finish a Transporter mission by saying "Kepler would have loved this!" After you beat the game is when she says that though.


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    Intelligence report