Dan Mason

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Dan Mason
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Sex Male
Born Unknown
Died 2128
Allegiance Red Faction
Role Civilian Insurgent
Location Mars (Specifically Parker)

Dan Mason was the brother of Alec Mason, a Martian revolutionary hero during the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla. Dan was one of the key figures involved in the revival of the Red Faction. He was killed the day Alec arrived on Mars.


Dan was Alec's brother and a longtime settler and demolitions technician on Mars. He was also one of the three people responsible for reviving the Red Faction, along with Hugo Davies and Samanya. The day his brother arrived on Mars, Dan picked him up from customs and brought him to an abandoned Ultor facility to collect salvage. After Alec destroyed two structures, the two were spotted by an Earth Defense Force gunship. Dan attempted to flee and was gunned down.


  • In the game's first mission, if you kill Dan, the game will display a mission failure message with the text "WTF! you killed your own brother?!"