Resetting a Player Start

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If you're like me, you find yourself hitting the Home key a lot to reset your RED camera position (Camera Movement Hotkeys), but this becomes much more difficult when opening existing maps where the Player Start has been rotated/moved, or if you've moved/rotated it yourself. This tutorial will walk you through my method to reset the Player Start rotation and/or position so that when you hit the Home key, your camera is axis-aligned both positionally and/or rotationally.

This tutorial relies heavily on hotkeys, particularly in Object Mode. You can find a full hotkey reference sheet here: Object Mode Hotkeys.

Resetting the Player Start

  1. In your Free Look viewport, go to Object Mode.
  2. If you wish to set your Player Start to world position 0, 0, 0, press the T key, type 0 in all 3 of the boxes, and hit OK. This may not be a desirable position for your Player Start in some levels, so it's an optional step.
  3. Expand Items in the Object List to the left and double click Assault Rifle.
  4. Set your grid size to 1.00 meters if not already done.
  5. Press Ctrl + G, then O (still in Free Look) to align your Assault Rifle to the 1m grid and reset its rotation to 0, 0, 0 (pitch, yaw, roll).
  6. IMPORTANT: Ensure your Free Look viewport is the last viewport your mouse hovers over before clicking the Tools menu in the next step!
  7. Go to the Select Objects tool under the Tools Menu.
  8. Find the Assault Rifle you created in step 3 in this interface, click it, then hit Jump To
  9. Double click Player Start in the Object Mode Object List, then delete your Assault Rifle.

Done! Your Player Start is now aligned to the world grid, has its rotation reset, and - if you followed the optional step 2 - has its position reset to the world origin as well.