Changing Liquid Depth in Multiplayer

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Set_Liquid_Depth event in Multiplayer.

  1. Make a Room Effect in your level and set the properties to "Liquid Room" - Adjust all other settings according to your specifications for your level, including "Depth".
  2. Make a keyframe trick to begin with. You can use a Delay event to keyframe.
  3. Create a Delay and go into its properties. Select the Event Type drop down and change it to "Set_Liquid_Depth". Also change the field next to "Script Name" to match the Event Type so that they both say the same thing. This will make it easier to identify the Event when you need to select it.
  4. Make a note of the UID of the Set_Liquid_Depth event then Go back to the keyframe trick and select the silver keyframe, and go into its properties.
  5. In the keyframe properties at the very bottom find "Trigger Event With UID", paste the UID of the Set_Liquid_Depth into the corresponding field and click OK. You should see a link from the silver keyframe to the Set_Liquid_Depth event.
  6. Go into the properties of the Set_Liquid_Depth and set the Depth more than your Room Effects Depth if you wish the water level to rise, or below your Room Effects Depth if you wish for the water level to fall.
  7. Set the time (seconds) to set the duration of the liquid to rise or fall. The time setting will determine the speed of the liquid level to complete its journey from X Depth to Y Depth. Liquid level starts from the Depth settings from the Room Effect.

Additional Information

  • If you want a continuous liquid movement, you will need to create x2 Delays and x2 Set_Liquid_Depth event.
  • Link the events in this order - Set_Liquid_Depth -> Delay -> Set_Liquid_Depth -> Delay -> (Back to the first Set_Liquid_Depth) - This creates a continuous loop that will set the liquid to move up and down all of the time throughout the level. You then set the times accordingly in the Set_Liquid_Depth and you set the Delay events to the same times of the Set_Liquid_Depth times.

The desired effect is shown in this video