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Red Faction II Mobile is a 2006 top-down game which is a direct sequel to Red Faction (Mobile). It was developed by Big Blue Bubble and released by THQ Wireless.



RF II Mobile is set 2 years after Kava Xarel escaped Mars at the end of of Red Faction (Mobile), and sees the player assume the role of Red Faction member Sekt, who was previously a supporting character in the earlier mobile game.

The following message is provided to the player when starting the campaign:

2 years have passed since Kava escapes the mines and stowed away on a supply ship from Earth.
In those 2 years much has changed in the mines, the plague has worsened and miners are collapsing and passing away with alarming regularity.
The increase in deaths amongst the workers combined with the terrible living conditions has converted more and more miners to join Red Faction.
Eos and her generals have been meeting regularly over the past year to plan their rebellion against the Ultor Corporation.
Now the planning has come to an end and it's time to overthrow the Ultor Corporation and win back their freedom.

The campaign begins with Sekt infiltrating a power plant on the instruction of Eos. After destroying the reactor to knock out power in the mines, Sekt escapes through a sewer grate. He cuts through a refuse plant to get to a prison complex, where Crémant is being held. Crémant informs Sekt that he is scheduled for termination, and to free him Sekt will need to destroy the prison complex's reactor to disable the security systems. Sekt destroys the reactor and frees Crémant, who then agrees to assist Sekt in infiltrating the command center. Sekt instructs Crémant to stay behind until he gives the all clear, and clears out the command center. Crémant then hacks into the system and disables the main security systems of the Ultor complex, allowing the Red Faction revolt to push past the mines into the inner complex. Eos then instructs Sekt to find transport off of Mars, and Crémant tells him that he will meet him at the docking bay once he takes care of some things of his own. Sekt and Crémant split up while Sekt heads to the docking bay. There, he fights his way through and allows the rest of the Red Faction to enter safely. They successfully steal a shuttle and begin their escape to Earth as the Ultor complex explodes behind them.

The following message is provided to the player when completing the campaign:

As you and the rest of the Red Faction leave Mars and head towards Earth ...
An almighty explosion rocks the ship.
A broad smile develops on Sekt's face as he realizes his nightmare is finally over.

Throughout the campaign, Sekt is assisted by several other Red Faction members: