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Red Faction Mobile is a 2005 top-down game which serves as a prequel to the first Red Faction game. It was developed by Blue Beck and released worldwide in October 2005 by THQ Wireless.


Being a top-down hit and run game, the gameplay is pretty much going from point A to point B shooter style playthrough. With a minimap that shows the player their direction of the objectives through out 8 top-down maze levels.

There's no difficulty selection, all enemies look the same as well your comrades looking exactly as the player, and the gunplay behaves like one of those retro invaders style shooters.


RF Mobile sees the player assume the role of Red Faction member Kava Xarel who, along with fellow rebel Angus Brute, were sent on a mission to steal weapons and ammunition from Ultor to prepare for the upcoming revolt. During this mission, Kava and Angus were caught by Ultor security, Angus was wounded, and Kava was forced to leave him behind and make way to a supply ship bound for Earth in order to survive. The campaign follows Kava on their quest to escape Mars.

The following message is provided to the player when starting the campaign:

After a fire fight, your trusty comrade, Angus Brute, has fallen. You are stuck, you cannot go back to the barracks, you must escape on the next supply ship out of this god forsaken place.

Throughout the campaign, Kava is assisted by several other Red Faction members:

  • Sekt - Rebel who gives Kava a radio during the first level which he then uses to communicates with them throughout the campaign to warn about upcoming challenges. Sekt then meets up with Kava on the fourth level of the compound and receives a circuit board from the player which he uses to deactivate the security system throughout the rest of the compound.
  • Crémant - Rebel who gives Kava a circuit board to drop off to Sekt, then helps deactivates the Ultor security system for the first level, allowing Kava access to the second level of the compound. Crémant then meets up with Kava on the eighth level of the compound and directs them to the docking bay.
  • Beluga - Ultor employee who allies with the Red Faction and helps Kava escape after security has been alerted.

The campaign ends with Kava successfully escaping Mars, and being instructed to spread the word and find more comrades to rise up and defeat Ultor in the upcoming revolt.