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    Red Faction II

  • This page covers a variety of game mechanics featured in Red Faction II.

    Health System

    Unlike most games, the health system in RF2 blends two types of health regenerative systems - combining both automatic regeneration and health pack pick-up regeneration. The player has 4 individual health bar lines which can refill automatically - however, if one of your health bars expire, a health pack must be found to replenish a bar. When all 4 bars reach 0, the player dies.

    Note: In Multiplayer - the health bar is simply represented by a number between 0-100. The pick up for Health in MP is also a 2D sprite.

    Health Bar
    MP Health Display
    MP Health Pick up


    RF2 features a variety of grenades for the player to use in both the singleplayer campaign and the multiplayer game modes.

    Type Image Description
    Frag Frag.png The Frag Grenade is a standard military issue grenade that emits a fragmentary blast when discharged. With a blast radius of several meters, it is extremely effective against unarmoured opponents. The Frag Grenade also inflicts noticeable damage against armoured enemies and vehicles.
    Satchel Satchel.png This is a medium sized, high explosive charge that attaches easily to a variety of surfaces. It is highly effective against structures, unarmoured and armoured personnel, as well as light vehicles. The grenade detonates automatically after a short duration from placement.
    Incendiary Incendiary.png The Incendiary Grenades emit a flammable blast when ignited. Anyone located within the blast radius will become ignited and suffer long term negative effects. (In multiplayer, if the player hits themselves, their health reduces faster than it would from an enemies grenade.)
    Shock Shock.png The Shock grenades emit a high-intensity, short duration burst of electromagnetic energy in a localised area. They are useful for disrupting electronic equipment and stunning unprotected enemies. When used on the player in both singleplayer and multiplayer, it inverts all movement and camera controls.

    Heroic System

    Heroic Stars
    Icon Document.png This subject has an article with more information: Heroic System

    The Heroic system is a morality system which determines endings for the game. The player can influence the system in a few ways, but most notably by completing bonus objectives throughout the singleplayer campaign.




    The tram is one of the vehicular dangers within RF2, only present in the game's Underground chapter. The vehicle can be seen travelling on multiple rail lines as the player attempts to avoid being hit, which would result in death.

    Spider Bomb

    Spider Bomb

    The Commonwealth's robotic suicide squad, spider bombs often come in clusters and relentlessly chase unfriendly targets, exploding on contact. They're easily eliminated with light weaponry with the player being able to survive 1-2 bombs, but any more could prove fatal.

    This is one of the more common hazards featured throughout RF2 - featuring in the Underground, Hanging In The Hood' and Inside The Nano Base chapters of the game.

    Ground Turret

    Ground Turret

    The automatic turret is a mechanical menace, sporting two power guns that can rip through even the strongest armour. The turret can be eliminated with explosives (e.g. Frag Grenades) and targets anyone standing in front of it.

    The Drone appears in a single level, 3 times in 3 chapters; Public Information Building, Sopot's Citadel and Dancing With The Dead.

    Drone Turret

    Drone Turret

    This small-sized drone appears only during the Underground chapter, firing minigun turrets at the player. Its projectiles are notably easy to dodge or kill should the player attempt to do so.

    Missile Turret

    Missile Turret

    The missile turret is present in the Foreign Lands chapter of the game, firing rockets with a short delay at the player. They are easily destroyed by grenades or a few bullets.

    (Note: One of these turrets can be retargeted to focus on enemies instead of the player, counting towards a Bonus Objective.)

    Magnetic Mine

    Magnetic mine.png
    Magnetic Mine

    These mines are only found underwater in the chapter A River Runs To It, only being a threat while the player is piloting a submarine. They will lock onto any vehicle that comes too close and chase it until the vehicle or mine is destroyed. Though a serious threat to submarines, they can be destroyed with a single torpedo.

    Multiplayer Power Ups

    In the Multiplayer/Bot matches, you have access to several pick ups which have unique properties that enhance the gameplay and provide advantages to the player.

    Type Image Description
    Super Health Superhealth.jpg Super health, along with providing a health pick up, also bumps your health past the normal 100, and bumps it up to 200, allowing you to survive longer.
    Invulnerability Invulnerability.jpg The invulnerability pick up protects you from incoming damage for a short duration.
    Damage Amplifier Damageamp.jpg Damage amplifier increases the output of damage from your weapons and grenades for a short duration.
    Leech Leech.jpg Leech gives you life steal for a short duration, allowing you to increase your health when dealing damage to enemies.
    Slow Motion Slowmotion.jpg Slow motion is a super unique pick up which slows down everything in the mode for all enemies of the person that picks this up, allowing the player huge advantages for a short duration.