Public Information Building

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The Public Information Building is the first main chapter of the Red Faction II single player campaign following the tutorial/introduction level Foreign Lands. The Public Information Building consists of 5 individual maps and begins as Molov and Alias begin their assault on the building. It is followed by Shrike's Wild Ride

Lobby Level

Security forces defend their turf against the squad. „

After Molov gives Alias the instructions to kill Victor Sopot and get out fast, Alias begins his journey through the building, dispatching Sopot units along the way.

The game starts off with Alias using both a Semi-Automatic Pistol and the Nano-GL. (Note; this is the only time throughout the game that your weapons are reset from the previous level.)

Bonus Objective

  • Exit the booth via a Geo-Mod hole.

Admin Area

Bureaucracy gets blasted as the squad pursues Sopot. „

After Alias Ascends the elevators, he meets up with Tangier who opens locked doors throughout the level. Alias also has to dodge a gunship trying to kill him and make use of GeoMod to avoid a defensive turret set up in one of the offices before heading to the stairwells.

Bonus Objective

  • Disable the turret with an objective charge.

Propaganda Studios

Alias is bad news for Sopot's propaganda machine. „

As Alias and Tangier make their way to the recording section of the building, they are fired at by another Gunship which Quill proceeds to take out from outside the building. After this you encounter Repta who takes over from Tangier as your squad partner, following through the behind the scenes control rooms as you dispatch more Sopot forces, fighting your way to the rooftop.

Bonus Objectives

  • Disrupt Sopot's broadcast.
  • Destroy Sopot's media archives.
  • Find the fastest way out.

In The Rain

Sopot can run, but he can't hide from the squad's vengeance. „

Repta stays behind to cover their backs as Alias continues the chase for Sopot, now able to periodically see him in the distance. During this level Shrike appears with his own Gunship declaring the area is "to hot" and tells Alias to secure the roof. The rooftop contains 2 possible routes, one going around the outside and one which goes inside to shortcut but contains multiple enemies and a secret room that is accessible once enemies break out of it. Alias eventually climbs onto the upper level of the rooftops to continue the chase.

Bonus Objective

  • Disable the radar control console.

To The Rooftop

Can the squad succeed in this mission of elimination? „

As Alias finally catches up to Victor Sopot, he is seen running to the Helipad on the top most roof to get into his own Gunship which Alias must combat. After Alias nearly destroys the gunship, it flies away from the rooftop, as Shrike lands his gunship to allow Alias to hop in.

Bonus Objective

  • Find the bonus weapon.