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This article is regarding Red Faction

There are several rate presets included with all released versions of Red Faction. All presets have corresponding value in bytes/sec. These presets can be used in place of an integer when issuing the "rate" console command.

Built-in presets

  • Modem - 2600 bytes/sec
  • ISDN - 5000 bytes/sec
  • Cable - 15000 bytes/sec
  • T1 - 200000 bytes/sec
  • LAN - 200000 bytes/sec

Arbitrary rate specification

It is possible to specify datarate values from 1 byte/sec up to 1569325055 bytes/sec. It seems as if both very low and very high settings are ignored. (Ex: Setting a server's datarate to 1 will not lag out the players unless there are more than three or four.)

Good practice in rate selection

Here is an excerpt from a piece written by digital_ruler about how to choose rate wisely:

Many people with a good upload speed (512k +) have trouble hosting a good, lag-free server.  Occasionally this is related to PC performance, however more frequently the issue is server datarate.  The datarate is how much bandwidth the server tries to use overall.  With the rate too low and a high number of players, clients can experience burst lag (usually identified by the red D/C icon blinking every second or so).  Setting datarate can be tricky but here are some tips from what I've learned:

  • 2-5 player server, optimal bandwidth usage: rate 20000
  • 5-10 player server, optimal bandwidth usage: rate 25000
  • 16 player server, minimal bandwidth usage: rate 30000
  • 16 player server, optimal bandwidth usage: rate 37500
  • 20 player server, minimal bandwidth usage: rate 37500
  • 20 player server, optimal bandwidth usage: rate 42500
  • 24 player server, lower bandwidth usage: rate 52500
  • 24 player server, highest bandwidth usage with least lag: rate 65000
  • 32 player server, high bandwidth usage: rate 75000 (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN OFF HOME CONNECTION!)

//Remember: Set datarate from the server's console by typing rate <number>

As you can see, I have provided two recommended options for most servers:  Minimal bandwidth usage and Optimal bandwidth usage.  If you run a server with minimal bandwidth usage, your players may experience poor shot registration and warping of some players.  Optimal bandwidth usage is a blend of medium bandwidth usage and medium lag reduction.  Running a server with a higher rate than your connection can handle will mean dropouts and severe burst lag.  If your connection can take it, go for the optimal setting, as this will provide a better experience for your players and ensure return customers ;)  I can run a 24-player server at rate 62500 with minimal lag on a connection with 800kb/s upload.

~ digital_ruler on Serverside rate selection

Server operators should also keep in mind that if the bandwidth is available, they should go for the T1 rate preset. This applies only to those who are hosting servers on dedicated boxes with dedicated internet lines.

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