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The proper title of this article is dedicated_server.txt, but differs from the actual name due to technical limitations.

dedicated_server.txt is the config file for dedicated servers in Red Faction.

The basic format for a dedicated_server.txt is as follows:

  • $Name:"Dedicated"
  • $Server Name:"Goober's Dedicated Server"
  • $Game Type:"CTF"
  • $Max Players:10
  • $Password:"123letmein"
  • $Rcon Password:"secret456"
  • $Max Time:45
  • $Max Kills:50
  • $Max Captures:10
  • $Geomod Limit:128
  • $Team Damage:False
  • $Fall Damage:False
  • $Weapons Stay:False
  • $Force Respawn:False
  • $Balance Teams:False
  • $Map:"ctf02.rfl"
  • $Map:"ctf05.rfl"

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