Heavy Walker

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AmRuKuo 700M Mining Walker


This is the single largest, most heavily armoured vehicle found on Mars. Able to destroy whole buildings by just WALKING through them, and able to destroy tanks by swinging both arms down onto their target, it takes allot to bring one of these down. And, not surprisingly, these monstrosities are rare, only being guaranteed in one campaign mission and a few demolitions master challenges.

Originally used by miners for pulling up rock and crushing rock, this beast has become the miner's equivalent of a tank. This machine can crush two and three story buildings with ease. It has two attacks, a vertical swing of the arms and a horizontal sweep. It is one of the three mechs (the other two being the Light Walker and the Combat Walker) in the game.

One can be found in a cave just south of the Dust Town Hall. If you have destroyed the Town Hall, chances are it won't be there.


  • Armor: Super Heavy
  • Weapons: Arms
  • Cargo: One driver
  • Speed: Slow

Collectors Edition

There is a handmade model of the Walker in the RF:G collector's edition. More information

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