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Dopefish is an easter egg character in Red Faction (N-Gage). Originally featured in the Well of Wishes in Commander Keen IV: Goodbye Galaxy (released in 1991), Dopefish has since become one of the largest in-jokes in the video game industry. He's made cameo appearances in countless games since then, making his first (and to date, only) foray into Red Faction in the N-Gage version developed by Monkeystone Games.

Red Faction (N-Gage)

In Red Faction (N-Gage), Dopefish can be found in the Power Plant pt.3 level after using the Submarine torpedo weapon to blast through 2 walls and reveal a secret cavern. Dopefish shares his cavern with two Medical Kit pickups.

Dopefish is functionally identical to the Sea Creature monsters found elsewhere in the level. Like them, he will swim over and attack the player if they get too close, and dies to a single torpedo.

Finding Dopefish

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