Basic Multiplayer Map

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In order to create a multiplayer map, there are a few things you need to do first:

  • If you are creating a deathmatch/team deathmatch level, the level's file name must start with "dm".
  • If you are creating a CTF level, the level's file name must start with "ctf".
  • You need to let the editor and game know this a multiplayer map by setting the multiplayer flag under level properties. You can access level properties under the "Edit" pulldown menu. You will see a checkbox at the bottom of the level properties dialogue box called "Multiplayer Level". Click on that box once so there is a check in the box.
  • You need to place Multiplayer Respawn Points in your level. If you are making a deathmatch/team deathmatch level, just place them where you want them and don't worry about the flags. Like the single player start points, multiplayer start points are placed based upon your camera's current position and orientation. However, unlike the single player start point, you can move them and rotate them just like any other object. If you are creating a CTF level, you need to make sure only the Red team or Blue team flag is checked.
  • Once you have made created a level, refer to Distributing User Made Levels.