Distributing User Made Levels

From Red Faction Wiki

RED saves levels in .RFL format. This format can be opened & saved by RED at any time. The game cannot load RFL files directly, however. You must first export your level as a VPP "packfile" using the "Create Level Packfile" command in the File menu.

The VPP packfile will include your saved RFL level, as well as any custom textures you've used in it. It will not include any default textures that come with Red Faction. The VPP file will be saved in \RedFaction\user_maps\single\ or \multi\, depending on where you've saved the RFL file. The VPP must be in one of those two folders for the game to find it.

Once you've saved out the VPP file, you can hit F7 in RED (or use the File/Play Level command) to launch Red Faction and load your level. If you haven't correctly saved the VPP file, Red Faction will give you an error once it's started.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to distribute your levels to other players, you MUST distribute the VPP files. Distributing the RFL files won't allow them to play your levels unless they use RED to export them in VPP files first. You only need to distribute the standalone RFL file if you'd like other people to use it in RED.

If you're interested in creating more advanced VPP files with more than one level, or a series of levels designed to play together, you will need to use a third-party VPP creation tool (RED will only create single-level VPP files).