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Translations: {{#if: | *English: {{{en}}} }} {{#if: Шаблон:Translations | *Russian: Шаблон:Translations }} {{#if: | *Chinese: {{{cn}}} }}

This template adds available translations for the page to the top through the use of flags.

To prevent issues, this template must be placed at the very beginning of a page.

Tip! When contributing a new translation to a document that already has other translations, please carry over the existing translations to the Translations template of your contributed page. This way all multilingual pages are linked.


| noborder=true (OPTIONAL)
| title=localized page display title
| lang=page:translated page
| lang2=translated page2
| etc...

Warning! Do not include the language of the current page. This will only confuse readers.


On a page called Template:Translations:

| title=Template:Translations
| ru=Шаблон:Translations

Note that:

  • The language "en" is not included, as it is the language of the page that template is being used on.
  • title is assigned the translated name of the page, and will appear as the display title (heading) for the page. This can replace the existing {{wrongtitle}} and {{DISPLAYTITLE}} templates currently in common use.
  • The English page has no suffix.

Available Languages

Language Syntax Result
English en=Page_name File:En.png
Russian ru=Page_name:ru File:Ru.png
Chinese (Simplified) cn=Page_name:cn File:Cn.png

Translations: {{#if: | *English: {{{en}}} }} {{#if: | *Russian: {{{ru}}} }} {{#if: | *Chinese: {{{cn}}} }}