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Launcher for Multiplayer Test

The Red Faction Multiplayer Test, commonly known as MPTest, is an early beta of Red Faction's multiplayer component.

Loading screen

Included files and experimentation

Red Faction Multiplayer Test does not include any data files from the single player portion of the game. Some additional files were included inside tables.vpp, namely dedicated_server.tbl, ps2_multi.tbl and the infamous debug_menu.tbl.

After significant experimentation, MPTest was rigged to run single player levels from RF 1.2. This shows that the part of the engine to play single player maps is present, but the maps, textures, and sounds are not included.

Extra command-line and console commands

There are two extra console commands in MPTest, and they can be viewed on the Console commands page. There is also one extra command-line parameter, visible on the Command-line parameters page.

Multiplayer Test server console

Dedicated server console

This is the only version of RF that has been released that uses a DOS box for the dedicated server console.

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