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Is multiplayer alive?

Yes, it is!

We have regular parties once a week. Things to know if you want to join:


  • You need RFG Re-mars-tered. GOG or Steam, clean install without mods
  • Use SyncFaction to update your game with community patches. It takes some time, also you will need 40GiB of free space
  • Meanwhile, join FactionFiles Discord. Check out server events for upcoming RFG Game Night, also visit #role-selection channel

That's it, you're all set! 💥


If you just want to install some mods and don't care about multiplayer, you still need SyncFaction and community patches: follow the above steps to install everything. Recent mods are developed and tested with community patches as requirement and may not work otherwise. If you are familiar with ModManager, SyncFaction is a fully compatible replacement with more features and less bugs.

Mods can be downloaded and managed directly in the app, or placed manually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Red Faction Guerrilla Re-MARS-tered\data\.syncfaction, similar as ModManager had "Mods" folder. More info in SyncFaction docs.

SyncFaction takes many precautions to ensure game files are not corrupted or otherwise messed up, which makes applying mods take much longer if the game is installed on an HDD. It is recommended you install the game on an SSD if possible.

More detailed guide

Same steps but with more info and explanations

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Community Patch

You’ll need to install community-made patches to play. Download size is several gigabytes so please take some time to prepare.

You will need at least 40GiB of free storage space

Use SyncFaction app. It is made to keep players updated and simplify process as much as possible. Download and place .exe in game folder. Run it and let it do the thing.

Why do we need patches and a launcher app?

  • Terraform Patch adds new maps, weapons, rebalance, fixes game crashes and bugs (you can find kilometer-long changelog in description). It also serves as a base for future modding by restructuring some resources
  • Reconstructor is a script loader and a game engine patcher. It fixes some crashes, bugs like hardcoded memory limits, and enables scripting in mods
  • RFG is not modding-friendly game. Players will crash if their game files are not the same, that’s why we need something to keep everyone updated
  • There is no simple way to auto-download new maps as in other games. Currently they are part of the patch and we release updates to add more
  • Multiplayer is currently broken in GOG version of the game, we fixed that
  • Want to use mods AND play multiplayer? Roll back to unpatched version of the game? SyncFaction lets you switch between versions in 1 click, see Usage

Please note that Steam achievements won't work as we're converting Steam game to GOG, also DLC crashes if you try to load game. If you want achievements or DLC, usr SyncFaction feature to revert to vanilla.

FactionFiles Discord

Join Red Faction Community Discord (FactionFiles)

  • In #role-selection channel select role RF:G Players (PC). This way you’ll be notified when somebody gathers people for multiplayer!
  • See server events (above channel list). Subscribe to RF: Guerrilla Game Night - you’ll get a notification when it starts


Feel free to ask for advice in #rfg-matchmaking and #redfactionguerrilla channels. Also you can hang out with us in one of the voice channels during game night!

We used to have 2 weekly events: one in American timezone, another for Europe. If current time isn’t good for you, let’s schedule a new event!

RfgIntro-bright future.png