Installing Conversion Mods (RF1)

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This step-by-step guide will walk you through installing Total Conversion (TC) mods for Red Faction 1. These mods allow for the greatest level of game customization - mod developers are able to create everything from custom levels and textures, to fully new weapons, characters, and vehicles.

NOTE: We've tried to standardize the distribution format of mods on and this guide assumes you're installing mods from there. These steps may not work for you if you obtained a mod from another source.

If you're attempting to install any other type of mod, you should not follow this guide. Please reference one of our other guides instead:

If you run into issues using a mod or have questions, it's best to join the Red Faction Community Discord for some assistance.

Step 1: Downloading the mod

Visit to download conversion mods for Red Faction. Here's a quick link to the file category:

Once you've selected and downloaded the mod you want to install, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Installing the mod

The archive you downloaded should contain a folder. Extract the mod's folder to your "\mods\" directory. (Normally this will be C:\Steam\steamapps\common\red faction\mods\MODFOLDER for Steam users, and C:\games\RedFaction\mods\MODFOLDER for non-Steam users)

IMPORTANT: Do not extract the files themselves to "\mods\" - you must maintain the folder structure contained within the archive you downloaded!

IMPORTANT: Do not rename the mod's folder!

Step 3: Running the mod

IMPORTANT: If you haven't already installed the de facto standard patch Dash Faction, you should do that before proceeding. Please reference the Dash Faction Installation Guide for instructions.

  • Open the Dash Faction launcher, select the mod from the "Mod" dropdown menu near the bottom of the window, then click "Launch Game"

NOTE: If you already had the Dash Faction Launcher open when you installed the mod as per step 2 above, you will need to close and reopen the launcher to get the new mod to appear in the dropdown menu.

Additional information

Configuration files for conversion mods

  • Conversion mods store their settings (controls, audio settings, etc.) separately from the base game. For the base game, these settings are stored in players.cfg in your root Red Faction folder. For conversion mods, they are stored in players_MODNAME.cfg in the same location (where MODNAME is the name of the mod).
  • If you wish, you can transfer your controls and other settings from the base game to a conversion mod through the following steps:
    • Create a copy of players.cfg (found in your root Red Faction folder - normally this will be C:\Steam\steamapps\common\red faction\mods\MODFOLDER for Steam users, and C:\games\RedFaction\mods\MODFOLDER for non-Steam users)
    • Rename the copy to players_MODNAME.cfg (where MODNAME is the name of the mod)

NOTE: You may wish to forego transferring your controls to conversion mods with vastly different weaponsets from the base game. While rare and very unlikely, I've seen strange issues happen occasionally when transferring settings to a mod that has entirely removed a weapon you have a key bind for.

Installing addons for conversion mods

  • Some conversion mods have addons available, such as custom levels built specifically for the conversion mod.
  • You can download conversion mod addons from the Mods - Total Conversion - Addons category on
  • Once you've downloaded the addon, simply extract any .vpp files included in the archive to the folder for the associated mod (within the "\mods\" directory)

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