Distorted Productions RED FAQ

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NOTE 1: This tutorial was originally posted in 2001 on Distorted Productions, which is no longer available. Given the age of the tutorial, some information may be obsolete.

NOTE 2: If you're looking for a modern and more general Red Faction FAQ, check out RedFaction.help instead.

  • RED FAQ from Distorted Productions

How do I play my map?

First and foremost, you had to have Red Faction installed in the default directory (:\games\RedFaction). (Not 100% sure on this, but it's worked for some) (Update: Or just make sure there are no spaces in the file destination.)

Second, you have to save your map in the right directory. The default is the WRONG directory. Change it to "\RedFaction\user_maps\single" or "\RedFaction\user_maps\multi" depending on what type of map it is.

Next, you have to make sure there aren't any errors or holes, and the player start has to be completely within your map.

Then you have to be sure you build the map. You can do that by clicking the "Build" button in the Brush Operators, or by pressing "Space".

Then you must create a pack file. Save again, and then select "Create Level Packfile" in the "File" menu.

Lastly, to play, select "Play Level" or "Play Level from Camera" or simply press F7 or F8.

I built a multiplayer map, but why can't I play it?

Multiplayer maps must have a file name that starts with "dm" or "ctf" depending on which type of map it is. If it's not that, refer to A.1.

Why can't I move the player start?

You can't select the player start, so you can't move it via normal object moving methods. What you have to do is align your free look camera/view to the place you want the player to start, and double click "Player Start" in the object list (or hold "P" and click).

How can I get my solid brush to show after I cover it up with an air brush?

With the solid brush(s) selected, press "End of Time" in the Brush Operators. Then press space to build.

Why won't my lights show when I calculate lights and maps?

It's a bug in RED, so a work around is to hide all objects, then show all objects, and then calculate your lights and maps again. The hot keys for this are in sequence, "W", "Shift+W", "L", "Shift+L".

Thanks to Skarz for this one.

Why do all my textures turn dark when ever I make a geomod?

You didn't calculate lights and maps before testing. If you don't have any lights yet, then don't worry about it until you do.

How do you make breakable glass?

Create a FACE brush. It MUST be with 4 sides. Then make it a detail by selecting the new brush and pressing Ctrl+P for properties, and select "Is Detail" and set a life for it (typical life for glass would be somewhere around 100 to 150).