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  • The Creatures are a set of characters in Red Faction.


    These creatures are found in Capek's Zoo, and some captured individuals are found in Capek's Inner Sanctum.

    Sea Creature

    The Sea Creature is the only underwater creature that has hostile intent. When the creature sees an enemy, it immediately starts firing its Sonar attack, a blue sonar ray that fires in a line straight at enemies.


    Reepers are the most common creature roaming around the zoo. They are quadrapeds that can use their front legs to swipe at enemies at close range.

    Baby Reepers

    Baby Reeper

    The Baby Reepers are the offspring of the adult, their are more of them but they do less damage to foes with their smaller melee attacks.

    Rock Snake

    The Rock Snake is the most formidable creature in the zoo. The creature is very tall and spits slime at its enemies, but can also lash out with its head at melee range. The weak point of the Snake is the Mouth.

    Little Snake

    Smaller Rock Snake

    The Little Rock Snake is a slightly weaker but still equally as offensive version of the larger counterpart, found a little further into the zoo.


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