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This article is regarding Red Faction: Guerrilla

The Enforcer is one of 20 weapons available in Red Faction: Guerrilla.



The Enforcer uses heat-seeking ammo for superior accuracy. Shoot in the general direction of an enemy and the bullets will find them. The trade-off is in decreased damage, since some of the power behind the bullet is lost while it adjusts course.


The EDF Enforcer is a specialist-issue firearm in the military's elite infantry divisions, specifically designed for at-range anti-personnel engagement. The Enforcer fires a caseless rocket-propelled armour-piercing round with limited heat-seeking capability. The round is highly accurate against soft targets, even at long range.

Recommendation: Got a few pesky enemies trying to run away from you? Fire a few bullets in their general direction and let the bullets get tired instead of you. The weapon does less damage than the Assault Rifle (RFG), but is much more ammo-efficient. This, combined with the fact that more higher level EDF troopers use this weapon, makes it a much more practical choice at the later stages of the game.

Rather than simply facing an enemy and holding down the fire button, it's more effective to treat the Enforcer as something like an auto-aiming pistol, pointing at the head and upper torso and squeezing off shots in a "semi-automatic" style. Not only does this reduce recoil, but increases the chances of a homing round hitting the head and eliminating the foe quickly.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: 32/96
  • Primary Fire: Fully automatic enemy personnel seeking bullets
  • Alternate Fire: Melee
  • Pros: Bullets follow will follow a target allowing for better ammo conservation and accuracy
  • Cons: Lacks stopping power when compared to the assault rifle.
  • Faction: Earth Defense Force