Remote Mining Charge

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The Remote Mining Charge is one of the 19 weapons that are available in Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Remote Mining Charges


The Remote Mining Charges are modified mining equipment which the Red Faction uses as weapons against the Earth Defense Force. They can be thrown and stick on walls. They then await to be remote detonated or damaged. 4 charges from each player can be in the map at a given time in multiplayer, the amount that can be placed in campaign can be upgraded.


Originally intended for blasting ore from Martian mines, the Remote Mining Charge makes an ideal sticky grenade. Once thrown, the charge will attach to any surface it contacts. Multiple charges can be linked to a single detonator, causing cascading explosions as each charge is detonated in succession in the order in which they were activated. The Remote Charge is ideal for setting up ambushes or turning everyday vehicles into mobile bombs.


  • Ammo/Magazine Size: 4 Can be set at a time(multiplayer) 12 (single player)
  • Primary Fire: Throw (with a secondary key to detonate)
  • Alternate Fire: Horizontal Swing
  • Pros: Strategically placed explosives.
  • Cons: They are much weaker than other explosives.
  • Faction: Red Faction (Rebellion)