Colonel Joseph Broga

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Col. Joseph Broga


Broga is the mastermind behind the EDF Free Fire Zone -- a buffer zone between the civilian sector of Dust and the EDF stronghold of Eos.

The colonel is also in charge of EDF's Special Investigations Task Force. Under his tutelage, EDF soldiers are trained to use "enhanced interrogation techniques", which basically means brutal torture to obtain whatever information deemed necessary to combat the Red Faction.

He is kidnapped,tortured and then killed by the Red Faction for information on blindspots in the Free Fire Zone. As you are driving you can hear him being interogated by a guerilla. He screams in pain and finally gives you the information you need. Then you are told to drive at full speed at the Mohole, a very deep pit in the Badlands then abandon your vehicle, leaving Broga plummeting into the Mohole.