Assault Rifle (RFG)

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Assault Rifle
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Faction EDF
Type Rifle
When available After Welcome to Mars
Power Low
Range Medium to long
Rate of Fire Fast
Splash Damage None
Ammo/Magazine 40 rounds per magazine
Primary Fire Automatic Fire
Secondary Fire Horizontal Bash
Available in SP? Yes
Available in MP? Yes

The Assault Rifle is a weapon available in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


The Assault Rifle is designed to offer all the benefits of a full-length rifle in a compact design. It is capable of firing fully automatic fire and able to take down opponents quickly and effectively. This is the standard weapon issued to EDF soldiers.


The EDF Assault Rifle is a standard-issue firearm in the military's infantry divisions, specifically designed for at-range conventional engagement an supplemental fire suppression. The Assault Rifle fires an intermediate-caliber armour-piercing round with good accuracy at medium and long range. It is also the default weapon for most multiplayer games.

Recommendation: Use this as your standard kill-all weaponry. Aim for the torso and head for maximum damage, firing in controlled bursts at longer ranges to maximize accuracy. This weapon can take down even the game's toughest infantry enemies almost instantaneously if aimed at the head and fired fully automatically.


  • Good to use in Conjuction with a Pistol when in Parker, Dust, and Badlands missions.
  • Most Guerillas commonly use the Assault Rifle early in the game.
  • It only has 3 clips(40 in clip, and 80 in reserve), so use it wisely.

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