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Official Community
Red Faction 1.20

Released 20/12/2001
Latest retail version

Red Faction 1.21

Released 05/08/2009
Latest Steam/GoG version

[Recommended Version]

Dash Faction 1.8.0

Released 17/09/2022
by rafalh

Dash Faction Installation Guide

Support available

Available on FactionFiles Discord:

Source code available

Source code available:
Dash Faction Source

Functional on modern computer hardware and operating systems (ie. Windows 10)

Fixes some compatibility issues

Fixes all known compatibility issues

Support for widescreen and custom resolutions

HUD elements are broken and FOV doesn't scale accurately

HUD elements are broken, FOV doesn't scale accurately, and game will often crash when running at higher resolutions

Full support for all resolutions (including widescreen)

Support for minimizing/alt+tabbing out of game

Game will crash

Game will crash

Game can be run in a window

Full screen, windowed, and noborder/stretched window modes available

Support for official localizations (French/German)

Localizations have entirely separate game executables

Localizations have entirely separate game executables

Support for all 3 official localizations (French/German/English)

International keyboard layout support

Only in separate region-specific game executables

Only in separate region-specific game executables

Full support for international keyboard layouts

Graphical UI for launching game with mods

High resolution/quality textures

Maximum texture resolution of 256px in any direction, and texture quality is reduced

Maximum texture resolution of 256px in any direction, and texture quality is reduced

No upper limit for texture resolution, and textures are displayed at full (original) quality

Enhanced texture filtering options



Bilinear/trilinear, anisotropic, and nearest neighbor

Lighting for meshes (clutter, pickups, player models, corpses, etc.)

High polygon meshes)

Option available to adjust LOD transition distance, resulting in higher quality meshes being displayed


Increased resolution for rail/rocket scanners, mirrors, and security monitor screens

TrueType (vector) font support

HUD scaling for high resolutions

Sharp larger HUD for high resolutions

Weapon fire camera shake modernization

Screenshake dependent on framerate

Screenshake dependent on framerate

Screenshake independent of framerate

Mouse DirectInput

Disable red screen flash when damaged (accessibility option for some colorblindlness)

Option available

"Set_Liquid_Depth" event functional

Game shipped with this event disabled

Game shipped with this event disabled

Event enabled - functional in custom maps and in L5: Geothermal Power Plant

Raised object limit

Limit of 1024

Limit of 1024

Limit of 65536 + some other limits removed

Support for .DDS textures

Support for custom meshes in levels

Configure mouse sensitivity with numeric values

Support for Ctrl+V (paste from clipboard) in menu dialog boxes

Load unlimited number of VPP packfiles and files within those packfiles (VPP packfiles are used to store custom maps, skins, etc.)

Limit of 256 packfiles and 13,500 files within packfiles, game will ignore any files after that point

Limit of 256 packfiles and 13,500 files within packfiles, game will ignore any files after that point

No limits

[MP Only] Improved trigger capabilities in levels

Support for lagless triggers, teleporters, and team-specific triggers

[MP Only] rf:// protocol handler for joining servers without first launching game

New Functionality
In-game downloading for user-made levels

Sourced from FactionFiles.com database

Framerate (FPS) limit

Not configurable, 120 max

Not configurable, 120 max

Configurable limit (10 - 240)

Ability to skip cutscenes at will if desired

Ability to skip logo videos, etc. when launching the game

Autosave functionality

Access to built-in RF debugging features (ie. show trigger bounding boxes, etc.)

Available in single player

Ability to disable linear pitch curve (mouse movement slowing down when looking up/down)

Ability to disable level ambient sounds

Configurable volume scale for ambient sounds

Ability to turn off light glares (enhance visibility and performance)

[MP Only] Spectate mode

Free camera and first person spectate supported

[MP Only] Anticheat

Extremely basic anticheat measures

Extremely basic anticheat measures

Enhanced anticheat measures

[MP Only] Additional configurable options for dedicated server hosts

Extensive configuration options available: List of configurable items

[MP Only] Scoreboard enhancements

Enhanced default scoreboard with open/close animations, K:D, map author, etc.

[MP Only] Display impacts of enemy weapon fire

[MP Only] Team-specific respawn points in Team Deathmatch

[MP Only] UPnP support for servers

Bug Fixes
Fixes for critical security vulnerabilities/issues

Large number of security issues/vulnerabilities resolved

All known security issues/vulnerabilities resolved

Fix for submarine explosion bug

Fix for crash when picking up items

Bug not present

Bug not present

Z-fighting graphical issues fixed on Intel and AMD GPUs

Fixed light glare coronas being visible through meshes (clutter, pickups, corpses, etc.)

Fixed framerate issues in all levels if no level with fog configured had been loaded in current play session - in some cases, this fix doubles framerate

Fixed draw order bugs for Hendrix, generators, machinery, and Riot Shield

Fixed layering issues with liquid surfaces, detail brushes with alpha, and Rail Driver scanners

Fix for visual issues with undercover Parker (ie. "Frankenparker" bug)

Fix for issue that caused scrolling textures to not functional until an explosion had occured

Fixes for savegame file corruption issues

Fixed improperly rendered lightmaps for detail brushes with alpha (like glass and grating)

Fix for cutscene synchronization issues (audio / animations out of sync)

Fixed framerate issues when using Flame Thrower

Fixed visibility issues that allowed players to see through geometry when using scopes/scanners (ie. "wall-peeking" bug)

Fix for various issues when running game at high framerate (including issues jumping out of water, getting stuck to floor, etc.)

Fix for bug causing FPS to drop to nearly 0 seemingly randomly (technically caused by entities having invalid orientation values)

Bug not present

Bug not present

[MP Only] Fix for entity spawning bug (ie. "Orion" bug)

[MP Only] Fixed issues with weapon autoswitch still happening even when disabled

[MP Only] Fixed issue that made dedicated servers crash when loading custom levels with directional lights

[MP Only] Fix for "buzzing" sound when other players in map are in water

[MP Only] Fixed timing issues that occur when servers are running for 25+ days (items not respawning, pings reporting incorrect values, etc.)