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If you found this page, congratulations! This page applies to a version of Dash Faction that hasn't yet been released. For the time being, please reference Dash Faction Installation Instructions for Steam, and join the RF Community Discord: RF Community Discord


Dash Faction is Red Faction game modification designed to fix original game bugs, improve compatibility with modern hardware and software, extend functionality and improve graphics quality and engine performance.

  • For more information on Dash Faction itself, please reference Dash Faction
  • For more general help with Red Faction games, please reference redfaction.help
  • Please join the Red Faction Community Discord! Everyone is welcome to join (and participate in biweekly organized RF game night events). Furthermore, the Discord is also the place to get support/assistance/answers for Dash Faction issues/questions, as well as general help with anything else related to the Red Faction series.
Join the Red Faction Community Discord

Step 1: Downloading the installer

Click the Download button to download Dash Faction

Visit FactionFiles.com to download the latest version of Dash Faction (1.5.0).

Step 2: Running the installer

Click the options shown above
  • Run the Dash Faction installer you just downloaded. Depending on your Windows security settings and installed antivirus products, you may get prompts from Windows SmartScreen, User Account Control, and/or your desktop antivirus software to allow the Dash Faction installer to run.
    • Click the options shown in the screenshot to the right if any of these Windows prompts appear.
    • Given the large number of available desktop antivirus products, it would be impossible to detail how to allow the Dash Faction installer to run on each, should it be falsely detected as malware. If you run into such a problem, you will need to create an exception in your antivirus software to allow the Dash Faction installer to run.
  • NOTE: It is common for Windows and/or antivirus products to detect safe installers (like Dash Faction) as suspicious/malicious, simply because they are new and/or not common among computer users. Although Dash Faction is completely safe to install and run, please remember it is open source software. If you do not trust the installer/application for any reason, you are free to review its source code and compile it yourself if you wish. You can browse Dash Faction's source code here: Dash Faction on GitHub

Step 3: Installing Dash Faction

Confirm the path to RF.exe is correct. If it's not, click the browse button and locate the correct one
  • Run through the installer prompts as they appear. For most, you should be able to simply click "Next".

  • When you get to the "Select RF.exe" prompt, the Dash Faction installer will attempt to detect where your Red Faction game is installed - the path field will most likely be correct without you needing to change it. If however this field is blank, or has an incorrect path, click "Browse", and locate your RF.exe file inside your Red Faction folder.

  • If you receive a prompt similar to the one below stating that your version of Red Faction is not directly supported by Dash Faction, simply click "OK" to have Dash Faction install the necessary patches.
    • NOTE: The Dash Faction installer will not overwrite your original RF.exe (or any of your other game files) when patching! Instead, the installer will create a new file named RF_120na.exe for use with Dash Faction.


  • When you get to the "Select Additional Tasks" prompt, it is highly recommended you keep the default options to ensure the best Red Faction experience.

Step 4: Launching the game

You may wish to configure custom options and/or join the Discord
  • Now that Dash Faction is installed, you're ready to play the game!

  • The default options should allow you to play the game without issue. If you want to further customize your game (including taking advantage of some of the new graphics enhancements Dash Faction brings), click "Options" in the Dash Faction launcher. As this is simply an installation guide, I won't go over all the options here, but please feel free to reference the Red Faction Quick Start Guide for recommended settings.

  • You may also wish to join the "Discord Support Channel" if you're running into an issue, have a question about the game, or just want to join the community!

Enjoy Red Faction!